"Digital Art"

Digital Art is original art work which is made with the aid of computer technology.

The imagery can be the result of scanned drawings, sketches or digital photography which is digitally enhanced or manipulated by the artist to achieve a completely new and original image or the image can be completely derived from art software tools that are at the artist's command. With any of these methods the resulting image can then be stored on disk or printed "on demand" .

Digital Fine Art Prints (sometimes called Giclee' prints) are reproductions of original art or original digital images.

 They are printed with high resolution inkjet printers designed especially for the art industry. They can be printed on specially prepared archival photo papers, watercolor papers, and canvas and are usually done as limited editions.

Wes Loper  Abstract Images of  Dancers and Athletes Series


Wes Loper Abstract Images

Judy Loper Abstract Images Water Garden Series

Hide And Seek Kio In The Green Pond by Judy  Loper Red Koi In Green Disguise by Judy  Loper Floating Lilies Pads Above The Koi. by Judy  Loper Salmon Lilies Among The Rocks by Judy  Loper Marry-go-round Kio In The Spring-may Day by Judy  Loper

Judy Loper Abstract Images

Judy Loper Abstract Images Landscapes