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Wes Loper

The Art of Portraiture by Artist Wes Loper
Permanent Materials
Rare Value
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Artist Wes Loper
Edmond High School
University of Oklahoma; B.F.A.
Claremont Graduated School; M.F.A.
I have always liked doing figurative
works. And particularly enjoy the
challenge of creating on canvas the likeness
of a person with as much of the character
and expression of life as possible.

It is not my intention to copy a photograph.

I believe each portrait is a unique expression
of the artist and the person portrayed.
A note from the artist..
Old World Quality
Careful workmanship is apparent in each
painting. The texture, color, and handling
speak of a quality which was once expected
but has now become uncommon in today’s
world. These artistic elements as well as the
antiquing processes used yield the resultant
refinement and quality of the finished portrait.
The term Nouveau-Fresco denotes a renewal
of an old technique. True Fresco was done by
the ancients on wet plaster using only a limited
range of color and had to be done at the precise
moment of drying for the process to be successful.
But today, thanks to the use of modern materials
such as acrylics, problems such as this are solved
and the permanency of the work is assured.

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