About the Artist  Judy Loper  (1946- )

  Judy Loper demonstrated a strong aptitude for art at an early age. She credits the encouragement of her junior high school art teacher as the stimulus for her lifelong interest in art education. Judy received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1969. She then moved to southern California where she began her career as an educator and her vocation as an artist, participating in several professional shows.

   Returning to Oklahoma, Judy became the head of a high school art department where she developed a curriculum for both artists and non-artists. During this time she was also an adjunct instructor at Western Oklahoma State College. She was a member of several educational associations and served on many professional committees, including the one that designed the art teachers entrance exam for the state of Oklahoma. Through this particularly brisk period Judy still made time to continue her art, volunteer in community theater, and earn her Master of Education degree from Oklahoma's Central State University in 1981.

    Judy spent 20 years in the Dallas area in order to take advantage of greater artistic and cultural opportunities. She also discovered entrepreneurial opportunity, co-founding Art Design & Sign with her husband Wes Loper. While in the Metroplex she  participated in several professional shows and art organizations. For four years she was a member of the Art Walk Foundation Committee. In 1996 and 1997 her work was represented by The Artists' Palette, an association that produced favorable exposure and sales.

   Judy has worked in the media of printmaking and painting. She found inspiration for much of her work in Far East lettering, hieroglyphics, Aztec art, and American Indian art. Landscapes are among her favorite subject matter and comprise the basis for many of her watercolors and prints. She enjoys the creative expression of computer art. As a pioneer in the medium of ink jet printing, she is exploring new territory in the world of art. She is excited by the availability and affordability of this new art form to the average person. She wants everyone to be able to enjoy access to art, a natural extension of her background as an art educator.

   Today you will find Judy and Wes living in the country. Five miles outside the town of Chandler Oklahoma. Her current works are in acrylics done on a plaster ground. As an avid gardener she loves to use her flowers in her still lifes. Her painting style although in a realistic mode is much looser and freer than many of her earlier works.

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