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About the Artist Wes Loper (1948- )


   Wes Loper was a senior in high school when he decided to make art his life's work. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1971 from the University of Oklahoma and attained his Master of Fine Arts degree two years later from Claremont Graduate School in California.

   As early as 1970 Wes Loper's art was displayed in various shows and exhibitions, and his involvement in such presentations continues to this day. His works have been prominently featured in over forty shows and exhibitions, including several one and two person shows.

   In 1983 Wes moved to the Dallas area where he co-founded Art Design & Sign with his wife Judy Loper. In the Dallas Metroplex his works were shown by number of galleries and collected by quite a few people. For four years he was a member of the Art Walk Foundation Committee and designed the poster used by Art Walk for each of those years. In 1996 and 1997 his work was represented by The Artists' Palette, an affiliation that enhanced his visibility and public exposure.

   Originally, Wes created large paintings, often in oil, that incorporated figurative and abstract elements. He then became captivated by motion. He began doing acrylic paintings on panels, Plexiglas, and paper. These paintings feature dancers and athletes, capturing the beautiful grace that flows from the most expressive and dynamic phases of movement. His favorite subjects continued for some time to be figures in action and abstract gestures -- the essence of motion.

   Wes now works on smaller paintings done in the acrylic medium and in the growing field of computer art. Seeing the ability of computers to store digital information, he has begun to use computers to enhance and revitalize reference photographs for his painting subjects and as a means to create digital originals. These digital works find there expression not only on the computer screen but as prints on paper and canvas as well.  His interest in figurative work has more recently been mostly in the field of  portraiture. Wes has also engaged in a major study of color theory and is currently writing a book on the subject.  Some of his expertise in color can be seen on the web at his Color Theory page and Color Wheel page. These pages are a great educational resource and instructive for artists and designers.

   Wes wants his art to reach a wide audience. He rejects the hype that sometimes accompanies art for the sake of the art establishment. He believes the importance of art is what people take away from it for themselves, not what artists or critics tell them to think.

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